Do you like video games?

We are BVGS: Bath Video Game Society, the official gaming society of the University of Bath. We like to play video games, host LAN Parties and go to the pub together to discuss why Theme Hospital is the greatest game ever made.

You can become a member of BVGS by visiting our BathStudent page!

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Who are you?

We are BVGS: Bath Video Game Society. We are the official video gaming society of the University of Bath.

What does BVGS do?

We play video games at LAN Parties

LAN Parties are our main events, we run 6 of these each year! If you know what a LAN is, you should be fired up, if not – get fired up. Every month, we bring our computers to a big room on campus, and play video games together for an entire weekend. We also have an Xbox to play games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero on the big projectors. It’s all kinds of awesome. The first LAN is free – even if you’re not a member yet, so you should totally come along once term starts.

We play video games over the Summer

Why wait until term starts to play video games? Every other weekend during the Summer holidays we hold our Summer Gaming event, where you can come and play video games with fellow members.

We play video games whenever we want

Need an extra person for a Dota 2 stack? Want a hand in Guild Wars 2? Want to play some Borderlands co-op? Most nights, something like this happens.

We organise other gaming events

As well as LAN Parties we also organise Best of the South West, Control+Alt+Donate and various other gaming events through the year. For more details on these check the Other Events tab at the top of the page.

What games do you play?

There are a wide range of games played by members of the society and at the LANs, including everything from League of Legends to Age of Empires to Guitar Hero. For more information on the games we play take a look at our Games page.

How do I join the society?

You can join our Facebook group which has listings of all our upcoming events, or you can pay to become a member of the society on our BathStudent page.

You didn't answer my question!

Your best bet is to either post it on the Discord server or send an email to the Secretary.